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Athena Research and Innovation Center

Institute of Language and Speech Processing (ILSP), Information Management Systems Institute (IMSI)

Athena Research and Innovation Centre (Athena RC) is a research center dedicated to information, communication, and knowledge technologies with an emphasis on benefiting the digital society. Among its units, the Information Management Systems Institute (IMSI) and the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP) are actively involved in the PathOS project. IMSI has a strong focus on big data and Semantic Web technologies, securing over 93% of its budget from competitive funding. ILSP, known for its expertise in Language Technologies in Greece, has participated in more than 150 R&D projects and has developed a variety of innovative language tools. Both are representative of ATHENA RC's commitment to advancing scientific research in technology that has societal relevance. Central to ATHENA RC's aims are the promotion and development of research with a global reach, the application of these technologies for societal benefit, fostering lifelong learning, and encouraging innovation. In its efforts, ATHENA RC spans the full research lifecycle, from foundational research to tech transfer and entrepreneurship, always keeping societal betterment in focus.

Role in the project

ATHENA RC is leading the coordination of PathOS (WP6), the operationalization of Open Science Indicators (WP3), the exploitation plan of the project (WP5) and three of the case studies: Climate Change, Covid-19 and Gender.

Contact persons

Ioanna Grypari
Haris Papageorgiou