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This is the place to find news on our work and on items related to studies, stories and opinions on the impact of Open Access and Open Science.

PathOS co-creation community: Insights from our Focus Groups

In its first year, PathOS has launched a co-creation community, the nucleus of our project’s knowledge-sharing, and has successfully conducted three expert focus groups. These gatherings aimed not ...
08 September 2023

Trailblazing and fostering synergies between Industry & Academia

By Pedro Principe & Antonia Correia, University of Minho Introduction Knowledge-intensive industries and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are negatively affected by toll ga...
22 August 2023

PathOS highlights: our participation in EIRO Forum and Open Repositories 2023

PathOS activities and representation has been in full swing the last few months with partners reporting and presenting the first results in European & international events and below you can fin...
17 July 2023

Looking back: Policymaker workshop on Open Science impact pathways

Recap written by István Kárász, Technopolis Group, Lennart Stoy, Technopolis Group & Ioanna Grypari, Athena RC In May 2023, PathOS hosted an invitation-only co-creation workshop to faci...
24 July 2023

Exploring Open Science practices as catalysts during the COVID-19 pandemic

Introduction  The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a significant challenge to global society, necessitating rapid advancements in research and the creation of effective treatments and vaccines...
08 September 2023

How open bioinformatics resources foster innovation in industry; a short interview

Introduction  Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) use public-funded open bioinformatics resources (e.g., databases, software, tools, workflows, standards, ontologies, cloud computing, e...
18 February 2023

Formation of PathOS co-creation community underway

By Nicki Lisa Cole, Know-Center Co-creation is at the heart of the PathOS strategy because we know, as practitioners of Open Science, that the best science is collaborative science. Therefore...
29 November 2022

PathOS Kick-off in Athens

On 12 - 13 September 2022 in Athens, Greece, we launched the 3-year, Horizon Europe project “PathOS” aimed at identifying and quantifying the Key Impact Pathways of Open Science in order to lead to...
19 July 2023

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