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PathOS highlights: our participation in EIRO Forum and Open Repositories 2023

17 July 2023

PathOS activities and representation has been in full swing the last few months with partners reporting and presenting the first results in European & international events and below you can find the summary of the most recent events we attended, the EIRO Forum in Paris, France and the Open Repositories 2023 Conference in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Open Repositories 2023

PathOS was represented during the 18th International Open Repositories Conference (OR23) in June 2023, this year taking place in Stellenbosch South Africa.

Our project partner Ron Dekker from Technopolis joined the conference as a speaker and delivered a presentation on Designing and Assessing the Life Cycle of Research Infrastructures in the context of repositioning repositories. The PathOS Impact Analysis was introduced during this presentation and its meaning and significance for Research Infrastructure evaluations. PathOS focuses on the policy organisations front that are aimed to evaluate research infrastructures (including Open Repositories).

Feedback received during the presentation highlighted the importance of conducting policy impact analysis on an institutional level to gain the necessary insights of the data and indicators that can and should be collected during the operational stage. As a result, complex and tedious work at the time of the evaluation can be avoided.

EIRO forum Economics of Big Science workshop 

On 24 May 2023, CSIL was invited to join the 2nd Edition of the EIRO forum Economics of Big Science workshop. Organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) in collaboration with CERN and hosted by the ESA’s headquarters in Paris, the workshop addressed the socio-economic impact of Big Science and discussed different approaches and experiences of conducting an Impact Assessment Exercise of Research Infrastructures. The event provided an ideal platform to present the ambitious research agenda of the PathOS project. 

During her presentation, Silvia Vignetti emphasised the importance of tracing and measuring the impact pathways of science within the new Open Science paradigm. She highlighted some findings from the project’s literature review regarding Open Science’s academic, societal, and economic impacts: 

It has been shown that Open and FAIR Data lead to data reuse and citation advantages for associated research papers. 

Open Code and Software enhance software development efficiency and may increase citations. 

Citizen Science improves data collection efficiency and scope, but data quality remains a consideration. 

Open peer review shows neutral to positive effects on review quality. 

Open Access has demonstrated societal benefits such as public engagement, policy-making support, and health-related outcomes. 

More limited evidence is available for the economic impact of Open Science, with interesting examples in the biopharma industry.

Read our full scoping review of Open Science impact here.

Curious to find out more about PathOS results? Check out our Zenodo community for all publications.

The PathOS project is committed to advancing its research agenda and understanding the impacts of Open Science. Follow us on our recently launched LinkedIn page and twitter to stay up to date.

Written by

Athina Papadopoulou
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