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Welcome to the PathOS Open Science Resources Hub! 

PathOS aspires to serve as a gateway to a wide range of resources that shed light on the effects of Open Science and aid in crafting effective policies. To this end, we have developed and curated essential tools such as the Open Science Indicator Handbook, a curated Zotero library tracking the academic, societal and economic impacts of Open Science Library literature, portfolio of Open Science Stories and more. Our evolving collection will also include a Tools & Data for impact measurement, and frameworks for Open Science impact pathways and cost-benefit analysis as well as comprehensive training resources & materials.

Browse through our current selection below! 

PathOS will deliver a range of diverse outputs. Watch this space!

  • Cost Benefit Analysis for Open Science
    Cost Benefit analysis report for indicative case studies and a framework (model) for impact pathways for Open Science to help policy and decision-making bodies to better understand the rationale of OS and how their impacts materialise.  
  • Recommendations for policy makers
    Recommendations for policy makers and implementors of Open Science on how and where to intervene: actions for efficient implementation and improvement based on set objectives. 
  • Portfolio of use cases/stories
    An online registry with a portfolio of use cases/stories that showcase different impacts of OS and the actions which led into them. 
  • Recommendations for metrics
    Recommendations on how to develop/improve the underlying metrics infrastructure. 
  • Tools & data
    A set of tools and data that measure Open Science impact indicators (code, data, toolkits). 
  • A training programme
    A training programme for policy makers, policy officers and research administrators.