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Case Study

Cross cutting effects due to Open Research data from National Repository

About This Case Study

This case study investigates the effect of data availability. Is the data used by other scientists for other studies? Do other scientists make more use of publications for which data has been made available? We analyse these effects in the context of national data repositories investigating two effects: whether data availability increases uptake or usage, and whether this is different in national repositories compared to other ways of sharing data.

We are interested in how the availability of a national data repository effects the uptake of research data. That is, does it make a difference whether the data is being made available through the national data repository or through other data repositories such as international (e.g. Zenodo) or disciplinary repositories (e.g. ICPSR).

We will study the data repository EASY, which is maintained by DANS in the Netherlands. This is a data repository that contains datasets from the SSH, with a focus on the Netherlands. The uptake of data will be studied through DataCite. We will connect data to publications that introduced the data and study the number of citations to those publications. We compare this to publications in general for which data has been shared.

Vincent Traag

Organisations Involved