Established in Milan in 1980, CSIL is an employee-owned research institute specialising in applied economic research with solid expertise in industrial and innovation policy and SME economics. CSIL experts provide a full range of studies, technical assistance and training services in different EU policy areas. They combine advanced technical background with a depth of “real world” experience in policy design and evaluation, stakeholder engagement, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, and economic and social impact assessments. Working with different EU institutions, the team acquired an extensive understanding of the EU institutional framework and decision-making processes. 

Role in the project

CSIL, as PathOS’ Cost-Benefit Analysis Leader, will develop a CBA framework tailored to the open science practices and perform a cost-benefit analysis of the project’s case studies. As a consortium partner, CSIL will also contribute to all the activities, particularly in identifying indicators for economic/technological impacts, defying case studies, engaging stakeholders and disseminating results.

Contact persons

Jessica Catalano
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