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Case Study

Emerging Topics Fostered by Open Science

About This Case Study

This case study sets out to understand the role of Open Science in the emergence of new research topics, especially within the domains of AI, Gender and Climate Change.

By championing transparency and inclusivity, Open Science potentially paves the way for a diversified research landscape, inviting perspectives and research interests that traditionally might have been sidelined. In AI, for instance, there is an escalating conversation about whether AI tools themselves are biased, specifically regarding gender. Similarly, in climate change discourse, new technologies are making their presence felt.

As societal challenges evolve and diversify, there is a pressing need for scientific research to be both adaptable and directly responsive. Open Science offers more than just wider access to research; it suggests a shift in how research topics are identified and pursued. By promoting inclusivity and transparency, Open Science could facilitate the exploration of a broader range of research questions, many of which align more closely with contemporary societal needs. By examining how new research areas have surfaced, we aim to understand the potential influence of Open Science on the landscape of scientific inquiry.

This case study seeks to determine the extent to which Open Access to publications and the different routes to OA have influenced the emergence of specific research areas. We will be focusing on:  

  1. the emerging topic of Gender and AI, within the AI research domain, which revolves around the potential gender biases in AI tools, and 
  2. emerging topics and technologies in Climate Change research.
Haris Papageorgiou

Organisations Involved