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Case Study

Open Science Practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

About This Case Study

This case study investigates OS practices and quantifies the OS contributions in addressing COVID-19 issues by developing and testing a set of tools that analyze and measure OS outcomes and impacts, thus, providing concrete evidence how the materialization of impacts is potentially affected by the enabling factors for OS

Concretely, we will examine OS practices in various perspectives, like: (i) open peer-reviewed publications and their scientific impact, (ii) collaboration patterns in OS among different types of institutions advancing covid-19 research and accelerating efforts to addressing covid-19 issues; (iii) citation patterns in relevant clinical guidelines and clinical trials of open peer-reviewed publications, (iv)  openly-available datasets and other research artifacts made available through various repositories leading to technological applications, (v) the extent that OS practices led to increased reproducibility accelerating developments in covid-19 research. 

Finally it will report on the above dimensions and OS perspectives in the context of the H2020 intervention.

Haris Papageorgiou

Organisations Involved