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Our outcomes.
In a nutshell.

PathOS will deliver a range of diverse outputs.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis for Open Science
    Cost Benefit analysis report for indicative case studies and a framework (model) for impact pathways for Open Science to help policy and decision-making bodies to better understand the rationale of OS and how their impacts materialise.  
  • Recommendations for policy makers
    Recommendations for policy makers and implementors of Open Science on how and where to intervene: actions for efficient implementation and improvement based on set objectives. 
  • Portfolio of use cases/stories
    An online registry with a portfolio of use cases/stories that showcase different impacts of OS and the actions which led into them. 
  • Handbook of Open Science Impact Indicators
    A Handbook of Open Science Impact Indicators mapped to the three impact areas, accompanied by a set of methods and proposed data/data sources. 
  • Recommendations for metrics
    Recommendations on how to develop/improve the underlying metrics infrastructure. 
  • Tools & data
    A set of tools and data that measure Open Science impact indicators (code, data, toolkits). 
  • A training programme
    A training programme for policy makers, policy officers and research administrators.