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Case Study

Research data and knowledge / use in non-academia

About This Case Study

This case study focuses on the use of French infrastructure for OS and address the research data and knowledge use in the larger social circles and the societal impact, including motivations of use.

Using a quantitative methodology, PathOS will monitor the use of the open publication and data portals (e.g., Open Edition, HAL et Recherche Data Gouv) and tries to map the uptake of OS, exploring in particular: (i) the actors from private and public organizations, (ii) the time of access including the detection e.g., peaks, regular oscillations, and long-term trends, and (iii) the weblinks to these platforms to identify the dissemination path of OS. We then proceed to map out the connections among them, through crawling and ethnographic investigation.

The main experts we will mobilize are the institutional actors managing the French infrastructure for the dissemination of Open Science, i.e., the people in charge for the long- and short-term management of the main French Open Science platforms and decision-makers most directly involved with the promotion of OS at the state level. We aim in particular in investigating the following portals:

  1. Open Edition (
  2. HAL (
  3. Recherche Data Gouv (
Tommaso Venturini
Tommaso Venturini, Melanie Dulong de Rosnay
Floriana Gargiulo

Organisations Involved